7 mei 2015

Urban Jungle Bloggers: A Green Gift

'A Green Gift' is this months theme of Urban Jungle Bloggers. Well, I love to make gifts and what is better than giving a plant to a friend.
For this theme I wanted to make my own wrapping paper with leaf print. It makes a gift so much more personal. With this paper I wrapped up the plants and closed it with neon tape. As it is good weather and the sun is shining I thought it would be nice to shoot my photos outside. With the neon colors and old skool skateboard the photos have a retro 80s feel!

DIY: Make a stamp out of eraser. Use a silhouette of your favourite leaf and read here how to make the stamp. Make a print with the stamp  onto a square piece of paper. You can use more colors if you want. Cut the square diagonal in two pieces. Use one piece to wrap around the plant. Close with a piece of tape. Cut leftover paper at the bottom. 

I have been asked to participate in Urban Jungle Bloggers. A 'Green Social Inspiration ' platform with monthly green inspiration from various bloggers. 
This is initiated by bloggers Judith de Graaff  and Igor Josifovic.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello flashy 1980s!! Such a fun idea, Anuschka! Thank you for joining us again!!!

  2. I love your wrapping idea for the green plant. Its great for all my mini succulents. Cheers, Kukla