24 december 2015

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Planty Wishes For 2016

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and the best wishes for 2016!
My planty wishes for 2016 is to continue growing green fingers! I am getting better each year. This year I managed to keep 4 airplants alive as I gave them enough light and a rainwater bath every week.
I also hope to be as creative with plants as I was in 2015. I think that will work out fine as plants give me so much inspiration!
Thanks to Urban Jungle Bloggers I love plants more and more and my plantgang keeps growing! Thanks Judith and Igor!

Photos; Hipaholic

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly blog series, hosted by Igor Josifovic (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith de Graaff (JOELIX.com).

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy holiday season with lots of plant love, Anuschka!!

  2. Wohooo happy green holidays to you too, Anuschka! Fijne jaarswisseling en alvast heel veel goeds en groens ;) voor 2016!